Azur FH

Azur FH


AzurFH is a brand new product which both prevents the probable problems by the rigid connections and  brings about total economical solution in many HVAC applications.
AzurFH flexible metal hose can be easily used in the food processing facilities, shipyards and petrochemical plants as well as HVAC applications.
Flexible strucutre of AzurFH makes it unnecessary to use additional fitting elements in the your systems.
Specially designed and developed welding techology of AzurFH flexible hoses impedes the potential corrosion due to the condensation in the conventional connection joints.
Since AzurFH flexible hoses can be produced in the demanded length it rules out any standard limitations due to the site requirements

PressureRating: PN2,5/PN40
Hose: Stainless Steel
Nipple,Union: Carbon steel / Stainless steel (Optional)
Nipple x union ( other connections (Optional)
Product Size
AFH-1001X015-20 1/2″
AFH-1001X015-30 1/2″
AFH-1001X015-40 1/2″
AFH-1001X015-50 1/2″
AFH-1001X020-20 3/4″
AFH-1001X020-30 3/4″
AFH-1001X020-40 3/4″
AFH-1001X020-50 3/4″
AFH-1001X025-30 1″
AFH-1001X025-40 1″
AFH-1001X025-50 1″
Azur FH


Sprinkler type fire extinguishing systems are special systems which are  automatically activated when the fire breaks out and eventually extinguish it.

Sprinkler type fire extinguishing systems have recently became mandatory to use in buildings like malls, theatres, hospitals and hotels where great numbers of people gather together

Pressure Rating: PN16
Hose: Stainless Steel
Nipple,Union: Carbon steel Stainless steel (Optional)
Nut  x nipple( other connections (Optional)
Product Size
SPH-0702X025-50 1 X 1/2″ – 50 cm
SPH-0702X025-70 1 X 1/2″ – 70 cm
SPH-0702X025-100 1 X 1/2″ – 100 cm
SPH-0702X025-150 1 X 1/2″ – 150 cm
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CONTACTOur Contact Information
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