Glass Wool


The Azurwool Blanket Group is manufactured in the thermal conductivity range of λ = 0.032-0.044 W/(m.K).


• All types of wooden free standing roofs and metal roofs,
• Attic floors,
• Sandwich roof systems,
• Solar energy systems,
• Animal shelters,
• Prefabricated structures,
• HVAC systems.


• It is used for thermal insulation, sound insulation, acoustic design, and for the purposes of fire safety.
• Its classification as a “Class A1 Non-Combustible” (TS EN 13501-1) material is a very significant advantage for fire safety.*
• It easily conforms to all types of wooden and metal roofs.
• Since it is lightweight, it is very easy to lift up to the roof and to cut and install.
• Glass wool blankets covered on one side with aluminum foil provide high thermal and sound insulation in air conditioning and ventilation ducts.
• Due to the properties of glass wool, it does not tear or produce wastage during installation.
• It does not degrade, decompose, become mouldy in time.
• Thanks to its natural content, it does not degrade and is user friendly.
• It is EUCEB certified as not harmful to human health;
• With its EPD Document, it furnishes additional scores for buildings wishing to obtain LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, etc. certification.
* Unfaced types.

Glass Wool


The Azurwool Pipes manufactured of glasswool with high unit weight, unfaced or with aluminum foil facing for the purpose of thermal-sound insulation and fire safety of pipes used for heating and cooling.


• Industrial pipes
• Central heating installations
• Solar energy installations
• All types of mechanical and industrial installations for thermal as well as vibration and noise installation of pressurized water pipes.
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